PT Essence Lotion

PLA-Toujours Herb Peeling Cleanser

The Herb Peeling Cleanser is a new, innovative makeup remover and face wash developed according to “herb peeling” principles which aim to regenerate skin. This cleanser acts as an all-in-one pealing agent, make-up remover, and cleanser. It works to reduce the negative effects of friction caused by rubbing your skin during your skincare and makeup routines, to transform rough patches into bright, clear skin. The Herb Peeling Cleanser improves the absorption of toners and lotions, to improve the results of your existing skincare products.

*Contains no additives, fragrances, preservatives, coloring or petroleum surfactants.

《Active Ingredients 》
Equisetum arvense (to improve skin metabolism), houttuynia cordata extract (to rejuvenate granulation tissue), equine placenta extract (to promote clear, bright skin), APPS apuresie (to improve the absorption of vitamin C), damascena rose extract (for moisture), coix lacryma-jobi extract (for soothing)

Herb Peeling Cleanser (Peeling Makeup Remover and Cleanser) (140g)
¥4,800(Tax not included)
※plus ¥2,000 flat-rate for international deliver

Distinctive Product Characteristics

Main characteristics of the Herb Peeling Cleanser include:
  • Brings the peeling care popular in professional beauty salons to your own home.
  • Acts as an all-in-one peeling agent, makeup remover and face cleanser.
  • An all-in-one peeling agent, makeup remover and facial cleanser
  • Multiplied effects of natural herbal extracts and equine placenta extract
  • Prevents tightness with soothing, moisturizing ingredients
  • Does not contain additives, fragrances, preservatives, coloring or petroleum surfactants
PLA-Toujours Herb Peeling Cleanser

PLA-Toujours PT Essence Lotion

A rich lotion infused with placental extract from Japanese domestically raised thoroughbreds. Our unique PT Triple Penetration Formula penetrates deep into skin to provide moisture where it is needed most, and leaves skin feeling healthy and moisturized, without the need to use a heavier lotion. PT Essence Lotion is particularly suited to anyone who is concerned about dry skin or signs of aging.
*Does not contain additives, preservatives or added fragrances, and is currently.

Active Ingredients: Equine placenta (moisturizer), hylauronic acid (moisturizer), collagen (for resilience and radiance), pueraria mirifica (to increase blood flow to skin)

How to Apply: Pump two pumps of PT Essence Lotion into your hand or Onto a cotton pad. Gently massage into a clean, freshly washed face.
Finish by applying your favorite facial cream if needed.

* Amount of product used can be adapted to your skins unique needs

PT Essence Lotion (120 ml)
¥7,600(Tax not included)
※plus ¥2,000 flat-rate for international delivery

Distinctive Product Characteristics

Distinctive Characteristics of PT Essence Lotion
  • Infused with the highest levels of domestic thoroughbred placental extract possible while still remaining safe to store at room temperature.
  • Penetrates deep into skin due to our unique “PT Triple Absorption” formula.
  • Contains pueraria mirifica plant extract, shown to activate female hormones vital to maintaining healthy skin.
  • Recommended by professional beauticians.
  • Effective for iontophoresis and electroporation.
  • Does not contain additives, fragrances or preservatives. Is currently undergoing allergy testing.
Ingredients for Mature Skin
Domestic thoroughbred placental extract

PT Essence Lotion is infused with high-quality domestically raised thoroughbred placental extract to provide skin with the moisture needed to stay radiant and healthy.

Pueraria mirifica

Since ancient times in Southeast Asia, Pueraria mirifica extract has been thought to contain certain properties similar to those of female hormones, and is often used as an anti-aging supplement.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid contains high quantities of water and is ideal for dry skin.
Once moisture is absorbed into skin, hyaluronic acid also helps retain that moisture.

Our approach to anti-aging care
Our Unique Absorption Technique: “PT Triple Penetration Formula”

“PT Triple Penetration Formula” is PLA-Toujours’unique formula designed to penetrate deep into skin to deliver nutrients and moisture where they are needed most.
Our triple penetration formula is particularly effective on dry skin, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

PT Triple Penetration Formula
Our Ultra-High Pressure Treatment

We use ultra-high pressure extraction equipment to extract target particles from ingredients which have undergone protein deconstruction.
Our extraction equipment applies 245 MPa (megapascals) of pressure onto placenta particles, causing them to collide with each other at supersonic speeds (Mach 4). These high-speed collisions reduce the size of each particle, minimizing any unwanted odors. Reduction of particle size also reduces the viscosity of the formula, while retaining its high concentration, resulting in a placenta-rich formula which absorbs quickly and effectively into skin.

PLA-Toujours PT Essence Lotion

This cream is designed specifically to care for aging skin by combining rich equine placental extract and umbilical cord extract. It keeps moisture on the skin, and helps build healthy skin even for those with moisture levels as low as 30%. Keeps your skin looking moisturized and healthy all day long.
*Does not contain additives, fragrances, preservatives or silicon.

Active Ingredients: Equine placenta, equine umbilical cord extract, equine oil, equine ceramide

Directions: After applying PT Essence Lotion, scoop a pearl-sized amount of cream into your hand and apply all over the skin, starting with areas which need extra attention. Lastly, use the palm of your hands to press the cream gently into the skin.

PT Lasting Moisture Cream (50g)
¥8,200 (tax not included)
※plus ¥2,000 flat-rate for international delivery

Distinctive Product Characteristics

Distinctive Characteristics of PT Essence Lotion
  • High concentration of PLA-Toujours original equine placental formula
  • High concentration of equine umbilical cord extract, which contains as much as 33,000ml of moisture in just 1 gram.
  • Works to maintain moisture over long periods of time, helping to nurture healthy skin which won’t give in to external irritants.
  • Helps moisture and other beneficial ingredients last, to keep your skin feeling moisturized all day long.
  • Contains no artificial fragrances, and instead combines 6 natural aroma formulas into an elegant scent to help you relax.
  • Contains no additives, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives and no silicon.

PLA-Toujours PT Essence Lotion

Suiso Placenta -950 is a supplement designed specifically with “aging velocity,” or the factor that controls visible aging, in mind. 90 percent of the diseases which affect humans are said to be caused by active oxygen. An abundance of active oxygen can accelerate the deterioration of skin and is a large factor in aging. Suiso Placents -950 is a near perfect supplement which aids in health and beauty by combining hydrogen, which returns active oxygen to its less harmful form as water, and placenta, which is helpful in the production of hormones.
*Does not contain additives, fragrances, preservatives or silicon.

Directions: Take 1 – 3 tablets a day by dissolving in warm water.

Suiso Placenta -950 (supplement) (30 tablets)
¥6,800 (tax not included)
※plus ¥2,000 flat-rate for international delivery

Distinctive Product Characteristics

Distinctive Characteristics of PT Essence Lotion
  • Approximately 800 times the oxidation-redox power of coenzyme Q10
  • A miraculous -950 mV of oxidation-redox power

    (Oxidation-redox power is the ability to return something that has oxidized (rusted) back to its original form. Hydrogen returns active oxygen to its more harmless state as water, which accounts for its high oxidation-redox potential. The larger the negative number, the greater the redox power.)

  • Abundantly packed with 1,608 ppm of hydrogen.

    (Hydrogen dissolves into the air almost immediately after it begins to react. Because the reaction time is short, it is necessary to ingest the supplement immediately after opening. Internal reaction times are also subject to this effect.)

  • The hydrogen reaction power remains at -595.9 mV even after 8 hours

The Superior Power of Equine Placenta

Many cosmetics and beauty products use pig placenta as an ingredient, but we choose to use placental extract from domestically raised Japanese thoroughbred. This is because horses produce safer, healthier placenta. PLA-Toujours coordinates directly with domestic thoroughbred breeders to ensure that we use only the freshest, safest, most-reliable placentae.

Rare and Valuable Horses differ from pigs in that they give birth only once a year, to a single offspring. This makes equine placenta much more rare and valuable than its porcine counterpart.
Contains an Ideal Balance of Amino AcidsWhen compared to pig placentae, which is used by more than 90% or similar products on the market, equine placentae contains a much more ideally balanced combination of essential amino acids, which are not produced by the human body. Equine placenta contains 300 times the amount of amino acids found in pig placentae. In addition, equine placenta contains 700 times more proline, the main ingredient in collagen, than is found in pig placenta.
Highly Safe and ReliableEquine placenta is receiving a great deal of attention in the medical field. This is due to horses’ high body temperature and relative resistance to parasites when compared to pigs and cows.
In addition, antigen levels of equine placenta are low, and equine products are much less likely to produce a allergic reactions in humans. Therefore, equine placenta is a very safe ingredient.

Customer Reviews

In the fall I use PT Essence Lotion in the morning along with one other cream and it works great. At the moment it’s a little too heavy to use at night along with the two other products I use, but just by using it in the morning I can feel the difference around my eyes, where I tend to get dry skin caused by stress at work. I’ll definitely be using PT Essence Lotion in the coming winter months when my hot nightly bath dries out my skin.

Company Employee, 31

I love that this lotion absorbs so well into my skin and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky. After applying, my skin feels smooth and healthy. The booster infused formula is enough for me to recommend it to my clients at home and in the salon, and I have no reserves about using it as an ion inducting product because it has no added preservatives. PT Essence Lotion will definitely be a great addition to my business.

Esthetician, 36
I used PT Essence Lotion after I got a sunburn. I went on a lot trips this year and my skin was exposed to more of the sun’s harmful rays than normal. As a result my skin was feeling very dry. I used PT Essence Lotion instead of my normal lotion and my skin felt moisturized through the night and all the way into the next day. My foundation usually doesn’t sit very well over sunburned skin, but after applying the lotion it went on great!

Housewife, 29
I love that I only need a little product to moisturize my whole face, and that it absorbs right into my skin. I have been using it for about a week, and my skin feels so healthy. I can’t wait to put it on everyday.

Housewife, 34
It might have something to do with my age, but I find that even after applying a moisturizer, my skin doesn’t retain the moisture. However after using this lotion my skin feels moist and healthy. I previously had a hard time applying eyeliner, but I found that after using this product my eyeliner went on easier. I wonder if the skin around my eyes isn’t growing stronger and smoother. I have also noticed that my pores look smaller.

Housewife, 55
I've been using using PT Essence Lotion for two weeks now. The moisturizing power of this lotion is incredible. If I apply it in the morning, my face feels healthy and moisturised till evening. The lotion doesn't smell like some other lotions that contain placenta,but it also doesn't contain any added fragrances, so I feel comfortable putting it on my skin and recommending it to those with sensitive or very dry skin. I noticed a reduction in the blemishes that I tend to get on certain areas of my face, and I noticed that the scars left from previous blemishes are much less noticeable! This lotion demonstrated the effect of high quality placenta. I can't wait to start using it in electroporation too!
Esthetician, 33