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In humans, placentae are vital for supporting fertilized eggs. An embryo spends 10 months in the mother’s placenta, receiving nutrients and oxygen.
Placentae therefore contain many nutrients vital for human development, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates (the three main nutrients vital for maintaining human life), as well as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


The main reason that placental extract is effective in reducing the signs of aging is that placentae contain what are known as “growth factors.” Growth factors trigger cellular division throughout the body, increasing the number of young cells and promoting the development of fresh new skin.
Placentae are also abundant in nutrients like amino acids, which are vital to the development of healthy skin.
Users often mention that their skin feels more resilient, is more radiant, that the shade of their skin has lightened or that freckles and age spots have become less noticeable.
Because placental extract is so effective in increasing the body’s metabolism, placental extract is one of the best known remedies for reducing signs of aging.


PLA-Toujours’ Placenta We collaborate directly with farms to ensure that we incorporate only the highest quality, domestically raised thoroughbred placenta into our products.
High Concentrations of Rich Placental ExtractPLA-Toujours contains the very highest concentration of rich placenta extract possible while still remaining safe to store at room temperature.
High Concentrations of Rich Placental ExtractOur ultra-high pressure treatment (a patented technique), extracts and minimizes the size of placenta particles down to the nano-level. Because each individual particle is so small, our rich placental extract can be absorbed quickly into skin. This treatment also reduces any unpleasant odors, which means that there is no need for added fragrances.